new beginnings.

i’m not really sure who still checks out this blog…but for those of you who do, i decided to start something new, in honor of this new chapter of life.


xoxo. Lo

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5 sure signs that you need more sleep.

1. when you set up the coffee in preparation for the next morning, then hit “brew” without even thinking…

2. when you put the jam in the sink and the dirty knife in the refrigerator…

3. when you get out of the car and try to lock it, then realize that it is still on…

4. when you are driving at night and think to yourself “wow, it seems extra dark tonight!!” — oh the lights aren’t on…

5. when you endlessly drop things or trip over your own feet…

oh wow. this is REAL life……..


oh merciful.

so i finally got a job as an special ed. aide and i LOVE it.

seriously, it is the best thing ever.
every day is an adventure and i never know what to expect.
but the things some of the kids say are hilarious.

i’ve really had to learn (or at least try to learn) the art of self-control.

today’s funny moment ::
**someone had really bad gas, i think from all the apples they ate. so it was super stinky. anyway…

teacher — oh my what is that smell?
me — i don’t know, i keep getting wiffs of it. who is gassy here?
little boy — YOU!!!!
teacher — out of the mouths of babes…

oh my word. thank you child. for the record it was not me…but i thought it was pretty funny.